Valmiera Summer Cup is an international pre-season basketball tournament for different age group boys
and girls, and it gives the option to compare skills with other country and local teams after the summer
break. Tournament is also a great place where to meet new friends and colleagues from other countries.
Valmiera Summer Cup gives the opportunity to celebrate end of summer and explore Valmiera city with all
the offers what it gives. Tournament takes place for three days in different age groups, where each team has
a chance to play five games. 

Summer Cup dates and group stages: 
 26 . – 28. August 2019. – girls 2006, 2008 & boys 2008, 2010 
 29 . – 31. August 2019. – boys 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007 

Valmiera Summer Cup history starts in 2015, when the tournament was organized the first time. Now the
tournament has become a traditional event and each year tries to offer more and more new emotions for
young basketball players.  Organizers are looking forward to offer more and more for participants in
tournament and out of it, in Valmiera city.
Tournament will take place in Valmiera, Latvia, Vidzemes Olympic centre, Rigas street 91.
Catering – “Sports Bar”, a high level catering company that offers professional services for all everyday
costumers and Olympic Centre visitors. Accommodation – Three-star hotel “Naktsmājas” or student
dormitories. Hotel provides their status appropriate service and living conditions. Dormitories are high
quality and equipped with individual sanitary facilities, free internet and individual rooms for living only
by two persons in one room. 
Teams in each age group will be divided into two groups by four teams in each, where each play
against each. Based on the results in the group will be played, places will be called after group games and
there will be Play-Off’s or other final games. Each team will get to play five games in tournament. All
games will be played on one arena on tree fields and all games will be played in three days. Each team
competes only in its age category. The tournament team standard is 12 athletes and one trainer. For adding
additional number of staff or players please contact the tournament organizers. Registration for the
tournament requires a written application for team participation in the tournament until 01.08.2019, and up
to the beginning of the tournament, it is necessary to pay the tournament participation fee - 100 EUR. The
teams, which will be on 1-st, 2nd and 3rd place, in its age category, will be awarded with trophy, medals
and sponsor prizes. Also some players will be awarded for individual success.
Tournament will be carried out according to FIBA and Latvian Basketball Federation rules, taking into
account following conditions and principals that amend the previously mentioned rules. All age group
game time will be 4x8 minutes. Overtime 3 minutes. Warm-up time to next game – 15 minutes.
Participant age groups and ball sizes in the games:

  •  Girls 2006 – Size 5;
  •  Girls 2008 – Size 5;
  •  Boys 2004 – Size 7;
  •  Boys 2005 – Size 7;
  •  Boys 2006 – Size 6;
  •  Boys 2007 – Size 5;
  •  Boys 2008 – Size 5;
  •  Boys 2010 – Size 5;

Participant age groups and basket rim height in the games:

  •  Girls 2006 – Height 3,05m;
  •  Girls 2008 – Height 3,05m;
  •  Boys 2004 – Height 3,05m;
  •  Boys 2005 – Height 3,05m;
  •  Boys 2006 – Height 3,05m;
  •  Boys 2007 – Height 3,05m;
  •  Boys 2008 – Height 3,05m;
  •  Boys 2010 – Height 2,60m;

Zone marking is not allowed in any of the tournaments groups. Punishment: warning in the first
instance, a technical fault (1 free-throw plus a throw-in at half court line) afterwards for each time. Each
player needs to skip one quarter in each game in all groups. The minimum number of players in each team
is 8 players, maximum - 12 players. Each team will play five games at the tournament. Tournament
organizers provide judges and the secretariat on all games of the tournament. Full court pressing is not
allowed in all age groups.
The break between the quarters is two (2) minutes, half-time is five (5) minutes, and the pre-match warm-
up is fifteen (15) minutes. Being late to the match by more than five (5) minutes will lead to an automatic
loss 0:20; The position in the qualifying group will be determined by the number of points won.
Registration for tournament possible in: 

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