Valmiera Summer Cup 2018 Girls tournament champion cups goes to Estonia and Latvia

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VSC'18 GIRLS award winning trio in group 2006
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In the closing weekend, from August 16th to 18th, the first stage of  children and youth basketball tournament "Valmiera Summer Cup" was held at the Vidzeme Olympic Center. This year, the tournament format was changed into two stages, where the girls groups participated  in first round, and the second stage of the tournament will take place for boys groups. "Valmiera Summer Cup 2018" girls tournament took place in two age groups, where Tiit Soku KK / SK Nord and Riga 3.BJSS teams took the champion cups.

In the first Valmiera Summer Cup girls tournament, participated girls born from 2006-2008. In this tournament stage participated  11 teams from Latvia, Estonia and Belarus. In 2006 group on award winning pedestal went: for 1st place - Riga 3rd BJSS; 2nd place - BC Star; 3rd place - Valmiera. In 2007/2008 group pedestal took  - 1st place Tiit Soku KK / SK Nord, 2nd place Riga 3rd BJSS and 3rd place was awarded to players of Jelgava sports school.

In tournament there  were also awarded he best team players in the Valmiera Summer Cup 2018: Luīze Bērziņa (2006, Riga 3. BJSS), Triin Kuusk (2006, BC Star), Madara Pētersone (2006, Valmiera), Katsiaryna Mikhailichenka (2006, Minsk Horizont). In 2007/08  group the best team players were Mia Maria Leitorp (Tiit Soku KK / SK Nord 2007), Nellija Geiger (Riga 3. BJSS), Tina Makarova Makaronoka (Jelgava SS), Enija Brokane (Valmiera 2008), Victoria Parn (Tiit Soku KK / SK Nord 2008), Marita Andže (Valmiera 2007).

The second round of the "Valmiera Summer Cup 2018" will take place from August 28th to 30th. The tournament games will be played at the Vidzeme Olympic Center and Valmiera Primary School Sports Hall. 28 teams will participate in the tournament, which will compete in four age groups, starting the tournament for boys born in 2004-2007.

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Basketball tournament "Valmiera Summer Cup" is supported by Valmiera Children's Sports School, Valmiera City Government, Vidzeme Olympic Center and sports organization "Valmiera Glass / Vidzemes Augstskola”.