First VSC'18 stage is only two days away

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First VSC'18 stage is only two days away
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Valmiera Summer Cup 2018 first stage for girls will start on Thursday, 16th August. For the first time Vidzeme Olympic centre will gather girl teams to participate in youth basketball tournament Valmiera Summer Cup which previous three years is known only for boys tournaments.

Valmiera Summer Cup ’18 GIRLS will gather 11 teams and will be divided in two groups – born in 2006 and 2007/08. In three days, from 16th -18th August, girls will compete in overall 27 games.

Group 2006 teams:

  1. Valmiera 1
  2. Minsk Horizont
  3. BC Star
  4. 3 BJSS
  5. Valmiera 2

Group 2007/08 teams:

  1. Valmiera 07
  2. Tiit Soku KK/SK Nord 1 (2007)
  3. Tiit Soku KK/SK Nord 2 (2008)
  4. Jelgavas Sporta Skola
  5. 3 BJSS
  6. Valmiera 08
VSC'18 Girls - schedule


Valmiera Summer Cup – youth basketball tournament is supported by Valmiera Children’s Sports School, Valmiera municipality, Vidzeme Olympic Centre and sports organization “Valmiera Glass/Vidzemes Augstskola”.